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Code: OC-520616353
This service includes:1) Install the module you purchased for Opencart, ocStore.2) Activation of the module in the store settings.Attention! We are installing illegal copies of modules downloaded from dubious resources. If the module is broken or not working, there is a chance that the site will bre..
Ex Tax:€5.00
Code: OC-863227006
Payment for completed work on the site - as well as ordering such work.List of performed works: Updating the site's functionalityUpdating the site admin panelWriting custom modulesAdjustment of the modulesError correctionLayout for a templateWriting a simple modifier..
Ex Tax:€0.00
Code: OC-733223137
This service includes:1) Configuring the Opencart engine to work over the https protocol.2) Setting up robots.txt to work over the https protocol.3) Setting up redirection from http to https.4) Setting up redirection from www to non-www (if necessary).5) Configuring webmasters in Yandex and Google P..
Ex Tax:€5.00
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